The State of Working America 12th Edition

The share of the unemployed who have been jobless for six months or more

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Chapter contents

  • Job creation is a macroeconomic outcome
  • Zero is not the baseline for job growth
  • What are today‚Äôs jobs like?
    • Industries
    • Firm size
    • Occupations
    • Job quality
  • Unemployment
    • Unemployment and age
    • Unemployment and race/ethnicity, gender, and education
    • Unemployment rates of foreign- and native-born workers
    • Unemployment insurance benefits
  • Labor force participation: structural and cyclical changes
  • Beyond the unemployment rate: Other measures of labor market slack
    • Employment-to-population ratio
    • Underemployment
    • Long-term unemployment
    • Over-the-year unemployment
    • Job-seekers ratio
    • Voluntary quits
  • Recovering from the Great Recession
    • Comparing the Great Recession and its aftermath with earlier recessions and recoveries
    • Job loss and gender in the Great Recession
    • Unemployment in the aftermath of the Great Recession: Structural or cyclical?
  • The consequences of job loss and unemployment for workers and their families 

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